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This is the comprehensive online source for information about the Melex, an electric cart

designed to transport golfers and their bags across golf courses. Golfers, drawn to its

convenience and easy operation, helped make the Melex an immediate hit.


Produced in Mielec, Poland, the Melex quickly become one of the most popular golf carts in the



Less than a year after the first ten carts rolled off the production line in 1970, the Melex gained

wide popularity in the U.S. Its popularity in the U.S. paved the way for sales around the globe.

The sight of a golf cart and its occupants zipping across a course is so commonplace today that

we don’t think much of it. There is, however, a fascinating story behind the development of the

original Melex golf cart.


That story begins with an idea, an electric motor, and an image on a napkin.


Read on to learn about Stan Siedlecki, whose idea to create golf carts in Poland and ship them

all over the world led to the creation of the world-famous Melex.